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Keenz Stroller Wagon Review (7s-2)

Our Keenz Stroller wagon arrived the day before we got socked in with snow. No fun. While I was able to bring it out to the mall and shopping, the true test was replacing the wagon with wagon related duties. Hauling kids and scooters out for a ride? Yes. Enjoying our first day of weather… Continue reading Keenz Stroller Wagon Review (7s-2)

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Keenz Stroller Wagon Unboxing 

I love a project. Contents sorted and ready to assemble. Open and flip upside down to put on the wheels. Fix the fabric. Buckle the bottom safety strap. Twist up the poles for the canopy. And we have a stroller wagon. Now if the weather would cooperate and that 12-18' of snow that is headed… Continue reading Keenz Stroller Wagon Unboxing