Keenz Wagon Road Test II

In the wild... We are in Philadelphia. Hard to imagine anything outside of a Rocky movie. Spring trail adventures. Detour to horse barn! Dad prefers to push. Mom prefers pulling. Go figure! We encountered a few mountain bikes, and probably would not have tackled parts of the trail uphill that we met downhill, but the… Continue reading Keenz Wagon Road Test II


Keenz Wagon Road Test

Food for 4 adults and two kids. It's in there. Tired legs? Hop in and out? The only argument was when baby sis wanted to use sister as a pillow. Leopards. No big deal. The wagon is a dad magnet. My husband gets stopped by other dads so much that he jokes that it should… Continue reading Keenz Wagon Road Test

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Keenz Stroller Wagon Review (7s-2)

Our Keenz Stroller wagon arrived the day before we got socked in with snow. No fun. While I was able to bring it out to the mall and shopping, the true test was replacing the wagon with wagon related duties. Hauling kids and scooters out for a ride? Yes. Enjoying our first day of weather… Continue reading Keenz Stroller Wagon Review (7s-2)

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Shopping: Stroller Budget Best Buys $100

One of my favorite strollers I have owned was an Aprica Presto Flat. It was not a popular stroller and I bought an older, discontinued model for $99 for traveling. It had amazing quality for the price. It held a carseat, had a miracle seat that breathed (we went to Florida in summer!) and it… Continue reading Shopping: Stroller Budget Best Buys $100