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Keenz Stroller Wagon Review (7s-2)

Our Keenz Stroller wagon arrived the day before we got socked in with snow. No fun. While I was able to bring it out to the mall and shopping, the true test was replacing the wagon with wagon related duties. Hauling kids and scooters out for a ride? Yes.

Enjoying our first day of weather in the 70’s in the city of Brotherly Love means it’s time for an urban adventure with friends.

I normally don’t have too much trouble summing up strollers, but the amount of words I have for a wagon stroller makes for a few more future posts. Look for ongoing Road Tests! Once we’ve hit our local trail and the zoo, there will be more posts coming.

Can I use this as a stroller?

Short answer is yes. With a “kind of” tacked on. You’ll want a kid that’s older, obviously you need a very upright sitter to put them in. With the canopy off, it’s not much longer than a City Select in doubles mode. With the canopy on, shorter parents will have trouble seeing in front of the stroller wagon pushing from behind. Obviously this is NO big deal, because you can pull it just as easily. I ran it through the stores at the mall in places I would NOT take a BOB duallie, if that helps. I walked through the Whole Foods and did some shopping. And could hold a small shopping basket pulling the wagon with the two 70lb combined kiddos in it. That’s sorta impressive in my book.

It’s much more convenient to haul one kid with lots of stuff than trying to use a single stroller. My oldest is nearly 5 and it takes us about a mile of walking to get to where it’s safe to scoot. Hello wagon rider!

Is it hard to steer?

No. If you are used to a double stroller, this is on the easier end of the spectrum. Even the Austlen Entourage will try to run off on you with a long slanted driveway to traverse. The mega-difference is that you can hop to the front and pull. The wider rear wheels (about 2 1/2 inches) are large 12″ of EVA and rolled right over a patch of snow in front of our house. Can I say I’m looking forward to trying it out in sand?

From what I can tell, this is a second generation of this wagon stroller. The 7W that is structurally similar to the original 7S that I bought has slight differences that make it a little more wagon and less stroller. I like the more stroller than wagon changes, and I think you would, too.

Overview of the Keenz Wagon Stroller

The Great: Perfect for families who haul lots around the neighborhood or at the park. Great for two kids or one kid plus pets. If your needs are entirely indoors, you may need to stick to strollers. The 14″ of deep seat holds your kids and their things safely inside. Brakes are awesome. Luxury fabrics and faux leather details are gorgeous. Locking front swivel wheels? Woot. Love. This push-pull stroller wagon is great for gravel, dirt paths, grass, and whatever terrain you would tackle with a wagon. Pushing and pulling makes it easier to deal with spots that are challenging for strollers. Really, awesome. Did I say awesome? We love it. And more importantly, our kids hop in it and just wait for us to get going. That is not the case with walks in the BOB or walks in general. Lots of bribery to get out the door. Buckle them up, grab a blanket and snacks and you are a rolling picnic party. My husband uses it more than I do. Also another first in the bazillion stroller family book. He loves it. Loves.

The OK: The placement of the stroller harnesses make folding harder. It’s just not as compact as the 7W. The cover doesn’t fit as well as the 7W as it’s just about 1/2 inch higher. You can still put it on, but it isn’t as easy. I do it because it’s nice to look at stored that way. It is less easy to roll upright. The 7W does roll like luggage. This is a little less frictionless, but the instructions included don’t really work the way it says it does. Price is on the higher end for dedicated wagons even if it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than a comparable double stroller.

(Why not? The front wheels have been upgraded to save length. I’d trade the 2 inches length instead of rolling luggage wagon capabilities.)

The Maybe: My wagon had a mechanical wheel issue when it arrived. The front wheel bolt was over-tightened and not attaching. (As if the quick release lever was stuck, but it wasn’t.)  I’m handy like that and since the assembly was similar to the 7w where that same bolt holds the whole thing together, I knew how to fix it without having to wait for a replacement from Keenz. I love that the wagon has evolved to a v2 already, but it is definitely an evolving design. Yours might be perfect, but if it’s not, have a little patience because Keenz customer service is pretty quick and very helpful.

And my parting note is that while I purchased the 7W, I was sent a complimentary 7S to review. This opinion is very much my own.

Happy Strollering and a VERY happy Wagon-ing. đŸ™‚


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