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Keenz Stroller Wagon Review (7s-2)

Our Keenz Stroller wagon arrived the day before we got socked in with snow. No fun. While I was able to bring it out to the mall and shopping, the true test was replacing the wagon with wagon related duties. Hauling kids and scooters out for a ride? Yes. Enjoying our first day of weather… Continue reading Keenz Stroller Wagon Review (7s-2)

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Shopping: Stroller Budget Best Buys $100

One of my favorite strollers I have owned was an Aprica Presto Flat. It was not a popular stroller and I bought an older, discontinued model for $99 for traveling. It had amazing quality for the price. It held a carseat, had a miracle seat that breathed (we went to Florida in summer!) and it… Continue reading Shopping: Stroller Budget Best Buys $100